Right of Way
  • What is Right of Way?
    Generally, a public easement, vested in the City in trust for the public and controlled by the City, to which the public has a right to access and use for the purposes intended by dedication. Generally, the Right-of-Way is 10-15ft behind the edge of the street or curb.

  • What is a Right of Way Permit and when should you purchase one?
    A right-of-way permit must be obtained from the City of Lee's Summit Public Works Department any time an excavation is made in the public Right-of-Way. This permit will consist of Permit Application Guidelines, Permit Holder Requirements and other relevant information.

  • Public Works Right of Way Ordinance -- click here

  • How do I obtain a Right of Way Permit?
    A permit may be obtained in three ways:
    • Via the Internet: Click here to apply for an application on-line. The applicant will be notified within 48 hours by fax stating the users ID and Password.
    • Via walk-in: A Password and ID can be applied for at the Public Works Department: 220 SE Green Street address. The Applicant must fill out the user ID and password application, which they will receive, from the Public Works Secretary. The ID and Password will be processed and the applicant will receive confirmation from the Right-of-Way Section via fax within 48 hours.
    • Via fax machine: A Password and ID may be obtained via the fax machine. The Applicant may apply for an ID and Password by faxing a completed copy of the application to the Right-of-Way section at (816) 969-1800. The Right-of-Way Section will respond back with a confirmation of the Applicants new ID and Password within 48 hours.
Please take a minute to review our ROW Work Permit Terms and Conditions

Questions about this procedure may be directed via email or by phone to the Public Works Department, at (816) 969-1800.

Some activities may require a Temporary Traffic Control Permit. Find out more on the Temporary Traffic Control Permit page.